[LAU] Sequencer drum voice assignment - Was: Behringer and Linux

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Mon Mar 30 21:44:51 UTC 2015

On Mon, 30 Mar 2015, Ralf Mardorf wrote:

> I didn't keep the Message-ID of the original thread.

Good  ;)

> Sequencers should provide a matrix to assign each drum voice to an
> individual different note on any wanted MIDI channel. Some sequencers
> do provide such a matrix.

I agree. On an analog mix, the kit is normally broken down into 8 or so 
channels to get levels matching. With MIDI, it just makes sense to have 
each drum on it's own channel.

> I own a DD-11 too and it's owner's guide mentions that it provides 3
> kicks, they are assigned to C1 (36), G#1 (44) and A1 (45). IOW 2 of the
> 3 bass drums are assigned to note numbers, that don't match with GM, so
> just mapping to MIDI channel 10 not always does the trick. My RX21

No kidding :) I found that out a long time ago.

> provides a kick on A1 (45) only and my TG33 provides the bass drum on
> C1 (36), G#1 (44) and A1 (45). G#1 (44) and A1 (45) on GM devices are
> for Hi Hat and Tom, that is the way as my Roland MT-32 and my Alesis D4
> factory drum kits provide it.

My thought was that I did not want to mess with changing things from the 
DD11 itself, so I just turn it on and the kit is 00 and that is what I 
work with. I took qmidiroute and created both a desktop file and a route 
file. The desktop file starts qmidi route with 9 outputs so that the 
sequencer can asign them to 9 different channels. Each filter has the 
input set only listen for channel 16 and one note with whatever velocity. 
It sends it out as channel 10 (channel fixed) with an offset to correct 
for GM. I tried setting the note to "fixed" as well, but though it works 
when set and save to file ok, it does not reload ok, it looks like it 
does, but in fact it only sets the GUI, not the filter. Anyway, an example 
is the hi-hat (closed):
input filter is channel 16-16, note 57-57, vel 0-127. Output filter is, 
channel fixed 10, note Offset -15, vel 0-127, alsa port 1

As you can see having the output set to fixed would allow just putting the 
note number in. I have sent email to the email address on the ams page but 
have received no reply so I don't know if that email is valid.

Anyway, each track has one drum and I can change the program pertrack, 
transpose the whole track and only affect one drum and I could change the 
output channel too if I wanted. So each drum can have a selected sound 
from anywhere on the synth.

I could add one more port for anything not sent to channel 16/10, but I 
can not see myself needing to do that at this point.

I also have a desktop file that start qmidiroute with just one output port 
and loads the same file for times I just want the dd11 to put out standard 
gm drums in one chunk.

Len Ovens

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