[LAU] The Quiet Moon

jonetsu at teksavvy.com jonetsu at teksavvy.com
Mon Nov 2 21:04:54 UTC 2015

On Mon, 2 Nov 2015 19:58:43 +0100
Christopher Arndt <chris at chrisarndt.de> wrote:

> Am 02.11.2015 um 19:21 schrieb jonetsu at teksavvy.com:
> > I created a MIDI track with Hive specified.  Pressing the online
> > keyboard gives sound, but no dice regarding an external MIDI
> > keyboard.
> Works fine in Carla here, using a Novation Remote SL as MIDI input or
> VMPK via a2jmidid (including controller changes, but program changes
> do not work apparently).

I wonder if I should look into Carla.  What are the advantages of using
it, apart when a plugin crashes, Ardour will not crash ?  Can
the Carla plugin automation (if any) be used in conjunction with
Ardour ?

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