[LAU] "Cannot open lsp client" ??

James Harkins jamshark70 at qq.com
Thu Nov 19 02:37:09 UTC 2015

Can anyone provide some insight into the following JACK error?

Cannot open lsp client
jack_client_open() failed, status = 0x21

Background: SuperCollider has an extension class, SCJConnection[1], that uses jack_lsp to query a running jack server for ports, properties and connections. This has never failed for me. In fact, at 8 AM today, it was fine. Then I needed to step away, so I closed audio apps, stopped the Jack server (using qjackctl) and suspended my Ubuntu session. A bit later, I resumed the session, restarted the Jack server, launched SC, and it spit out "Cannot open lsp client" for the same action that had worked perfectly two hours before.

Quitting and restarting the Jack server did not resolve the problem.

Rebooting the computer resolved the problem.

If it's impossible to determine the cause at this point, that's fine -- I've seen stranger things from computers. But it's troubling that something that has worked literally thousands of times would suddenly, today, fail for no apparent reason. So I'm hoping maybe somebody might have a guess what would cause lsp to break (and I can keep that in mind if it happens again).


[1] https://github.com/supercollider-quarks/LinuxExternal/blob/master/JACK/SCJConnection.sc

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