[LAU] Qtractor vs. dssi-vst?

James Harkins jamshark70 at qq.com
Fri Nov 20 01:52:40 UTC 2015

At Thu, 19 Nov 2015 14:42:45 +0100,
Robert Jonsson wrote:
> I'm assuming you are running kxstudio? Wierd that the dependencies get
> confused, I have no solution to that. I just wanted to mention that
> there is likely another problem with dssi-vst at the moment. Due to
> some low level bug dssi-vst currently does not work under a 64-bit
> system.
> See the discussion here:
> https://www.linuxmusicians.com/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=14817&sid=81abc243ed9d906840b37f5b24cd9d5a
> As far as I know this is still the case so I think Carla or Airwave is
> your best bet.

Thanks all for the advice.

I'm not running KXStudio -- vanilla Ubuntu here, with some low latency tweaks. My lecture is on Tuesday -- highly unlikely that I would install a whole new distro and reconfigure all the software I need at this point. Also, after losing literally 7-8 hours yesterday to buggy, poorly-featured or un-compilable packages, I'm not exactly eager to try to build Qtractor or Carla from sources.

Unless somebody can provide "for dummies" instructions with a, say, 90-95% chance of success. I know that's unrealistic... just saying, yesterday, I went through three or four cycles of build... build failed... Google... install more packages... build failed again... Google... repeat... until the Google results turned up nothing useful and I still didn't have a working build. To protect my own sanity, at this point I would rather boot into Windows (and that is saying a LOT).

I have a related question, which really belongs in another thread. Shortly.

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