[LAU] Linux softsynths

Lorenzo Sutton lorenzofsutton at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 07:56:05 UTC 2015


On 20/11/2015 03:07, James Harkins wrote:
> The reason why I was looking for DST capability: I have to give a lecture at my school next week about synthesis techniques, and I wanted to show some tricks that are not exactly standard (even though they've been around since Stockhausen was cutting up little bits of tape, but never mind that). Such as: run a fixed-frequency band-limited impulse through a high-Q bandpass filter to play melodies on the impulse's harmonic series.[1]
> I can do this easily in SuperCollider, but I don't want the students to come away with the impression that you have to learn programming to do synthesis. So that's out.

Try Pure Data... It *is* programming but it's visual and therefore much 
more fun and intuitive, especially for educational purposes.
You need to dig a bit (documentation, examples, abstractions, externals) 
to get band-limited stuff, but IMHO it's worth the effort.


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