[LAU] Isolating/dedicating Interrupts (was: irqbalance)?

Harry van Haaren harryhaaren at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 14:31:54 UTC 2015

Hi Ede,

 20:  <CPU List> IR-IO-APIC   20-fasteoi   ohci_hcd:usb9, snd_rme9652,
> vfio-intx(0000:07:00.0)

Have you tried plugging the device into a different USB port? Sometimes
this makes a difference for the USB interrupt.

So some USB, my passed-through parallel card and my soundcard are all
> sharing interrupt #20.

Do you *use* the parrrallel port? If not, you can remove the kernel module
with rmmod, and then the interrupt won't fire..

And finally you could set the CPU affinity for each interrupt, so at least
> they're going to be handled by a different CPU than the one that's going to
> handle the audio interrupt.

Some details about latency tuning, CPU affinities and tuning here:

Cheers, -Harry


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