[LAU] Alligning audio without graphics (for phase inversion cancellation)

F. Silvain silvain at freeshell.de
Tue Nov 24 22:57:02 UTC 2015

Hey hey,
it's easier to describe the problem I think.

I hae two pieces, one the song with vocals, the other the exact same song, but 
only the instrumental. Now I'd love to isolate the voice by alligning them and 
mixing them with one having inverted phase. Since I can't see, and apparently 
often instrumentals don't start at exactly the same time, I need a way to 
synchronise those tracks. time shifting by hand is very tedious and hasn't yet 
yielded a perfect result. There are other issues, which can cause "confusion", 
so I'd like to get this one out of the way.

Does anyone know of a way to do it from the commandline? Sometimes alligning 
the beginnen of a piece (the onset of sound) might do, but sometimes it's a 
little more complicated. Anything from Sox to Csound will do. :)

I appreciate any hint in the right direction! Thank you!

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* Twitter:  http://twitter.com/ffanci_silvain
* GitHub:   https://github.com/fsilvain

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