[LAU] Alligning audio without graphics (for phase inversion cancellation)

Tweed tweed at lollipopfactory.com
Wed Nov 25 00:01:46 UTC 2015

On 11/24/2015 05:57 PM, F. Silvain wrote:
> Hey hey,
> it's easier to describe the problem I think.
> I hae two pieces, one the song with vocals, the other the exact same 
> song, but only the instrumental. Now I'd love to isolate the voice by 
> alligning them and mixing them with one having inverted phase. Since I 
> can't see, and apparently often instrumentals don't start at exactly 
> the same time, I need a way to synchronise those tracks. time shifting 
> by hand is very tedious and hasn't yet yielded a perfect result. There 
> are other issues, which can cause "confusion", so I'd like to get this 
> one out of the way.
> Does anyone know of a way to do it from the commandline? Sometimes 
> alligning the beginnen of a piece (the onset of sound) might do, but 
> sometimes it's a little more complicated. Anything from Sox to Csound 
> will do. :)
> I appreciate any hint in the right direction! Thank you!
> Ta-ta
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sorry f, meant to send to list:
you could assign a midi controller (knob, fader, etc) to a delay time 
maybe something like this in ecasound(except with delay):
you may be able to specify the parameter range and possibly assign 2 
controllers (
for coarse/fine) to the delay time parameter so you could "shuttle" the 
delay time in real time by ear.  i've done something like this before 
except with eq filters but its been while.  i'll see if i can find what 
i did.


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