[LAU] Alligning audio without graphics (for phase inversion cancellation)

Glen MacArthur info at bandshed.net
Thu Nov 26 04:46:10 UTC 2015

F. Silvain wrote:
> Glen MacArthur, Nov 25 2015:
> ...
>> Admittedly a bit of a strange answer, but if you have the Kdenlive video
>> editor installed recent versions (0.9.X) have a handy feature to
>> automagically align audio tracks from different camcorders that have
>> recorded the same content..
> ...
> It's been a long time, since anyone near me worked with Kdenlive, but I
> suppose, that it is still purely graphical, which would be a down right
> killer there, no sight and my system is too old and probably slow to
> install the newest Orca, which _MIGHT_! be able to work with Kdenlive. To
> be frank, I haven't really used the screenreader for the GUI much at all.
> Commandline is mostly much easier to maintain and faster to work with for
> me. :( Still an interesting and generally feasable sounding idea!
> Ta-ta
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My sincere apologies for not reading your original post more thoroughly. I
missed the reference to sight being an issue when I responded.


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