[LAU] Changing default Jack output ports to be an application's ports

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Mon Nov 30 03:53:48 UTC 2015

On Sun, 29 Nov 2015, Element Green wrote:

> The problem is getting applications, such as Clementine, to connect to my
> application's ports instead of the physical output ports.  My understanding

Personally, I use Pulseaudio with jackbridging and use jack_connect to 
tell pulse where to connect it's outputs. PA is always connected 
that way no matter what the dumb app does.

Lots of people don't like pulse for historical (Hysterical?) reasons. So 
the other thing to do is tell your app not to connect at all and use 
jack.plumbing to connect your ports when they appear to the proper places. 
Jack.plumbing can be found in the jack.tools package. (jack.plumbing may 
be able to disconnect wrongly connected ports as well if the app can't be 
told not to connect)

Or, (but wait there's more!) set up an ALSA through port.... what the 
people who don't like pulse generally use and what one of them can explain 
as I always found it frustrating.... prolly because I was too lazy to 
it ;)

Anyway, there is more than one way of doing things. Using jack natively is 
probably the best way in the end if you can figure jack.plumbing out.

Note: my wife save hundreds of dollars a month using Skype, so I have 
learned to put up with pulse. She uses jack as well because her mic and 
guitar use a USB IF while still using the internal outputs :P and it is 
easier to do this with jack than pulse alone. Thank you for zita-a2j Fons.

Len Ovens

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