[LAU] Mixer for recording and live

Rhizomatic Nomad mail at rhizomatic-nomad.net
Thu Sep 10 15:30:10 UTC 2015

In short: I'm looking for a mixer which works out of the box with linux.

Longer story: For an acrobatic/music group I'm looking for a mixer with
different compatabilities:
- It should work as a(n analog) standalone mixer for mics and instruments
- It should work with linux to get the sources into ardour, preferable
replace an external soundcard
- In best case it has Midi support to control ardour and other programs.

Maybe I think about something like the Allen & Heath ZED60-10FX, but
that doesn't support my wish about the Midi compatability and also
allows only 16 Bit recordings.

Do you have any idea which hardware could work and get close to my demands?


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