[LAU] "droning" project: 249-257

Louigi Verona louigi.verona at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 08:49:44 UTC 2015

Hey everyone!

Remember the times when the latest project "droning" tune was still twenty
forty something?

Well, those times are over. Introducing a new batch, droning249-droning257.

Download here: http://www.disc-shelf.com/droning/

Always not sure whether I want to force my interpretation on the listeners,
but I'll give the descriptions anyway.

droning249 - *mesmerizing tune with a feeling of freshness*
droning250 - *quiet dark vibes, cave-like*
droning251 - *ambience of the cold outside*
droning252 - *this is an interesting mix of mystery, thoughtfulness and
droning253 - *a piece dedicated to mountain tourists, capturing the beauty
and quiet danger of winter nature*
droning254 - *remember blood moon photos recently? this is it*
droning255 - *a very epic tune; I am very interested what people associate
this with, what kinds of images and feelings*
droning256 - *one of those tunes that to me seem like clearly a "place
tune", meaning it depicts some strange atmospheric place*
droning257 -
*huge spaces, small objects*

*Support project "droning"*
There are two major ways to support the project.
1. Spread the word. This is biggest help, since in our world of diversity
and enormous amounts of media, getting heard is not easy. Many even very
good projects go unnoticed.
2. Buy something at my Bandcamp. You can get flac versions of dronings
there, I am constantly adding releases.

Thank you!

Louigi Verona
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