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Fri Apr 1 14:06:00 UTC 2016

On Fri, Apr 1, 2016 at 9:08 AM, Gianfranco Ceccolini <
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> In our devices we’re using a different process but with the exact same
> objective.
> Still in the analog phase we have straight conductor tracks that are long
> enough to align the flow of electrons. These aligned electrons, when going
> into the AD, yield the biggest amount of symmetric bits.
> Coriolis effect and gravitational influences must be taken into account so
> we instruct the users to correctly position the MOD devices, always
> aligning the inputs and outputs with the Earth’s  North/South axis.
> Those positioned in the south hemisphere should not forget to invert this
> alignment in order to avoid the formation of undecided bits.

Since our patent has now been granted, I'm able to disclose part of the
reason why Ardour sounds much better than any other DAW (and uses less
CPU). MOD deliberately attempts undecided bits, but we realized that we
could harness Heisenbergian dynamics to exploit these undecided bits to
provide unparallelled fidelity at the same time as parallel processing at
the quantum level. Using a proprietary process that amplifies only specific
inaudible subsonic frequencies, Ardour increases the number of
indeterminate bits in the immediate vicinity of the signal path, and then
harnesses the power of quantum computing to collapse the waveforms,
producing unheard of musicality and presence. Truly a quantum leap into an
unknown world of audio quality. Reports so far have been uniformly
impressed, although we are still investigating reports of an increasing
number of cats found dead in boxes in parts of the world where Ardour is
widely used.
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