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david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Fri Apr 8 07:58:54 UTC 2016

On 04/07/2016 01:40 AM, jonetsu at teksavvy.com wrote:
> On Wed, 6 Apr 2016 19:37:55 -1000
> david <gnome at hawaii.rr.com> wrote:
>> No, no, no! Playing sound produced using audiophile-quality optimized
>> bits means that you also have to use audiophile-quality conditioned
>> electrons!
> Will not work.  In order to benefit whatsoever slightly from all those
> highly optimized aspects, it is not possible to only "play sound".
> It must be compositions done in full knowledge of the optimization,
> that actually can work in symbiose with all the delicate parameters,
> using frequencies and rhythm in such a way that the electrons will
> transcend their already optimized state.  I suggest 432Hz as the root A
> frequency and taalantainmah carnatic rhythms such as Laghu-druta-virama.

Maybe using single-quantum-state electrons will help? ;)

> Otherwise it is like taking pictures using an expensive camera and
> having the film developed at the drugstore.

Seriously, I've done that and gotten pretty good development from the 
drugstore. All depends on how new their development system is and how 
good their techs maintain it. ;)

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