[LAU] Sliders and knobs once again, was: Re: ZynAddSubFX Usability Survey

Thorsten Wilms self at thorstenwilms.com
Sat Apr 30 08:07:06 UTC 2016

On 30.04.2016 02:34, Tim E. Real wrote:
> Wow, those are very nice.
> I like that the primary eye-catching part of the 'bar' is/below/
>   the text while the part/behind/  the text is more gentle, subtle,
>   allowing the text to dominate.

You're welcome!

After struggling with label legibility vs making it stand out where the 
value bar ends, I figured the bar only needs very little height to 
remain readable, if the contrast is strong. The behind-the-label part 
only has to show where you can drag on, with the toned down bar making 
sure everything appears as a unit.

The first variant with separate numerical entry area may suffer in the 
case where after dragging the bar to within the entry part, you might 
release and try a drag back to the left. Implementing a duration and/or 
drag threshold could avoid accidental numerical entry activation, but 
could only hurt on the rest of the widget. It might be better to not 
have the bar-range extend to within the entry area. This variant here 
happened because of stubbornness in wanting both maximum length for 
fine-grained value indication and numerical entry with fewest clicks!

BTW, the thingies to the left of the sliders are meant as automation 
activators/indicators. The very first one is in the no-automation state. 
Clicking it should show/create an automation track. Once there is 
automation, it appears as in the second row.

Drop me a line, if you would like to have the SVG file.

Thorsten Wilms

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