[LAU] JACKD regularly grabbing a lot of CPU (90%+)

Ffanci Silvain silvain at freeshell.de
Tue Aug 9 14:11:20 UTC 2016

Harry van Haaren, Aug 9 2016:
> Are there any connections like system:capture -> system:playback?
> If it "builds" over time, is it linear, or is it around 2% for a long time,
> and then builds to 90% or so?
I haven't watched it constantly, but it appears to spontaneously jump or rise quickly. I'll keep a closer eye though.

My system is running 24/7, mostly handling a bit of mail, some audio playing (mpv) and other menial tasks. CPU scheduling policy is set to constant at either 800MHz single core - for most of the time - and 3GHz, quadcore, when recording.
> It smells a bit of floating point denormal-processing, if its creeping up
> after a while of not being used. I don't know if/why JACK is performing
> floating ops unless there are buffers that need to be combined...
Hm, it's a first thought. We'll see.
Thank you for the quick response!

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