[LAU] Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 recognised, inputs work, but no output - Mint 18

Marco Donnarumma lists at marcodonnarumma.com
Tue Aug 9 18:46:02 UTC 2016

Hi Alessio,

thanks for the tip. I had already made sure volumes are up in the
just doubled checked now and can't see anything wrong.

jack doesn't give me any error.

Interesting that you have it working on Ubuntu 14.10, 'cause that distro
release is the same behind Mint 17 (well, Ubuntu 14.04), where my 8i6 works
out of the box.

I wonder if something got broken amidst the improvements to the new
releases of Ubuntu 16 and the related Mint 18.

I'm now downloading KXStudio iso to try it out. This is based on Ubuntu
14.04, so let's see.
I'll post an update.


On 09/08/2016 17:48, Marco Donnarumma wrote:
Hi Marco,
I've 8i6 and I use it with Ubuntu 14.10.
Sometimes I've experienced a similar issue (I don't know if it is your
case or not). I've checked all the volumes with alsa mixer, and I've
found that sometimes some buses (which are used for monitor out or main
out) are low in volume or even mute or misrouted (i.e. not "connected"
to monitor out).

Unfortunately, the alsa mixer interface are not the best way to change
those parameters, because the 8i6 has so many channel and buses that
alsa mixer becomes confusing to use!

> Dear all,
> I have been using my Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 for a couple of years
> without issues on a Linux Mint 17 laptop. I can use the sound card
> only via Qjackctl (no ALSA out of the box).
> Now, I have a new computer (shuttle xpc slim) on which I installed
> Linux Mint 18.
> The sound card is recognised by both Jack and cat /proc/asound/cards.
> It even correctly appears in the system sound preferences, which did
> not happen in Mint 17.
> However, while the inputs work, there's no output. I've tested with a
> bunch of audio software, such as Pd, Ardour, Hydrogen, etc..
> Interestingly, if, immediately after testing with Mint 18, I plug the
> sound card back to my Mint 17 laptop, at first, the sound card does
> not produce output. I have to power off the sound card and re-plug it,
> then it works.
> I would need this to work only with Jack, I'm not looking for an ALSA fix.
> I know in the past three years there has been a few ALSA patches to
> make this range of Focusrite work, and I think most of those patches
> are now in the mainline kernel. Although I'm not familiar with this.
> Does anything I could try come to mind?
> Mint 18
> kernel: 4.4.0-31-lowlatency
> alsa-base 1.0.25
> libasound, etc.. 1.1.0
> thanks in advance!
> best wishes,
> --
> Marco Donnarumma, Ph.D
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