[LAU] Audio interface for newbies ?

Tracey traceyanne at sonic.net
Sat Aug 27 10:43:21 UTC 2016

We were some of the first people to buy a delta 1010(the rack mounted thing).
This was just about the time alsa came out with a driver for the chipset.
And we were some of the first folks to have the power supply fail.

After taking the thing apart and figuring out the power supply,
it was obvious that the power supply was badly designed.

We had to replace a couple of caps that always ran quite hot,
leaving them no choice but to fail from drying out, etc.

Later we tore out the power supply in the rack part, and built our own.
I remember that it was a bit complicated( we had to add a multi-pole relay).
That was because of the way the main unit(rack thing) was powered up
from the computer.

We never had any problem with it after that.

We may have to buy a decent multi-channel usb sound card,
because of the lack of the pci bus on new motherboards.

I'm going to miss the delta 1010 when that happens;
maybe I'll put it in an old computer somewhere.

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