[LAU] Ardour: use case for monitor plug-in ?

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Wed Feb 17 16:26:02 UTC 2016

On 02/12/2016 08:49 PM, Paul Davis wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 2:39 PM, jonetsu at teksavvy.com
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> <mailto:jonetsu at teksavvy.com>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     In learning more about Ardour, recording and mixing in general...
>     Ardour has recently added the capability for the monitor to also have
>     plugins just like any regular track.  What would be use cases for
>     wanting to have a different audio specific to the monitor ?
> (listening) room correction would be one of the most obvious cases.

This ardour user would love to use an UHJ encoder on his ambisonic 
master bus (4ch), but finds it doesn't work as the number of available 
ports gets reported at zero...

To get back to the OP, basically anything that requires pre-processing 
in order to listen is a usecase. Bass management for your crappy 5.1, 
matrixing of your M/S location recording that needs to stay M/S for 
later production steps, hearing protection with a fast limiter, binaural 
rendering of your stereo or 5.1 signals, the list goes on.

I know I'm gonna love this feature as soon as it's working, it's a very 
smart thing to have!

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