[LAU] A Project To Upgrade seq24

Yvonnick Noel yvonnick.noel at free.fr
Sun Jan 3 13:15:28 UTC 2016

Hi Oliver,

On 12/10/2015 01:00 PM, linux-audio-user-request at lists.linuxaudio.org wrote:
> For my final year university project, I am taking on an overhaul of seq24. Below is an excerpt from my project proposal - the list of features I would like to implement -

This is a very nice project. Although I have used qtractor extensively 
in the past, I find myself getting back to seq24 as soon as a quick 
workflow is necessary. It is a wonderful program.

Three suggestions :

- I am glad you consider loop coloring (actually the whole GUI would 
need to be somewhat modernized and probably made a little bit larger). I 
am playing around with my new Novation Launchpad Pro (which works out of 
the box under Linux) and configured my .seq24rc to toggle loops from the 
launchpad. So it would be nice that seq24 loops get colored: I could 
have the colors match.

- Another point in the same vein: Although I can midi control many 
aspects of seq24, I could not get the simple Start/Stop functions to be 
controlled by a noteon or cc message. The Start and Stop simply does not 
appear in the serq24rc file. Seems weird but maybe someone on this list 
could tell me if I missed something.

- I thought a 8x8 matrix (instead of the 4x8 main matrix) would be fine 
too (guess why...), or at least a configurable option as to the numbers 
of rows and columns to be used.

Thank you.

Yvonnick Noel

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