[LAU] About NAMA

Joel Roth joelz at pobox.com
Sun Jan 3 23:58:30 UTC 2016

Hart Larry wrote:
> Thanks Joel: Actually you sent this exact same message last evening. Some1
> helping me, somewhat got NAMA running, but I think there were mentions of a
> package called "music arts" which he couldn't find? Meanwhile, since you
> seem to be an author of this package or at least its man-page, exactly how
> or can I edit an mp3 in NAMA? Thanks so much in advance

Here is a description of how to edit mp3 in Nama (untested).
There are shortcuts and tab autocompletion so that in actual
practice you can type much less. 


nama> new-project extracts
nama> add-track source-audio
nama> import /some/path/to/audio.mp3

Use the SPACE key to start and stop playing.

Go through the material laying down marks.

nama> mark start-segment1
nama> mark end-segment1
nama> mark start-segment2
nama> mark end-segment2


nama> compose-into-sequence edited-audio source-audio start-segment1 end-segment1 start-segment2 end-segment2

nama> source-audio off
nama> mixdown

look for extracts.mp3 in the project directory, in this case

Hope this helps! There is a learning curve.


> Hart

Joel Roth

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