[LAU] About NAMA

Ffanci Silvain silvain at freeshell.de
Mon Jan 4 17:01:22 UTC 2016

Joel Roth, Jan 4 2016:
> Here is a description of how to edit mp3 in Nama (untested).
> There are shortcuts and tab autocompletion so that in actual
> practice you can type much less.
I had used these facilities a while back to great effect. It can really be shortened a lot, if you like.
One point to keep note of, since it's not something apparent in the online help system: you can type several commands on one line, by separating them with semicola. Example:
add audio-source;import /path/to/somefile.mp3;vol 70
Otherwise I had the feeling, that the online help system is a great support working on general topics, kjeywords and exact commands, often giving short examples and showing shortcuts.
If you like I could look up the command history of my projects of that kind. Otherwise at least I'm interested in your workflow, once you've established one in Nama and perhaps potential features and commands, that you feel are missing, since I no one never kicked these commands too thorroughly.
Good luck!

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