[LAU] getting gstreamer and jack to play ball

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Fri Jan 29 23:29:22 UTC 2016

On 29 Jan 2016 22:47, "theo" <theo_linuxaudio at borm.org> wrote:.
> - What is the point of this (re-)connection behaviour of gstreamer? -
gstreamer doesn't suddenly become a "new device" when it starts playing a
new song.

Well, in some ways it does, depending on how you're using GStreamer. I've
been having fun with this issue recently too.

This is all down to the default behaviour of the GStreamer JACK sink. There
are two properties that can be set on it that may be useful. The first,
connect, controls whether GStreamer auto-connects to the outputs - I think
using connect=0 will stop it auto-connecting. More recent versions of
GStreamer also allow you to set a port pattern for auto-connection, which
would allow you to control the behaviour you want without the patchbay.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,


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