[LAU] KXstudio 2016

Alf Haakon Lund alf at mellomrommet.no
Sun Jan 31 18:52:42 UTC 2016

Hi lists,

I've been using Ubuntu Studio for a while now, lately with the KX repos added. 
Then I had to take my regular computer to service and since anyway I must fool 
around with a backup device I decided to give KXstudio a spin (also because 
I'm curious about KDE).

Apart from obvious theme and software differences, it seems that KX ships 
without a default (automatic) software updater / manager. Is that a feature or 
a glitch? Any reason not to install Muon?

The KX website [1] is somewhat outdated. Is the project still active?

And would it be an idea to do some kind of merge between Ubuntu Studio and KX? 
I really like Ubuntu Studio, but I also like working on an up to date 

[1. http://kxstudio.linuxaudio.org/]

All the best,

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