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Yassin Philip philcm at gnu.org
Fri Jun 3 09:43:11 UTC 2016

On 03/06/16 08:35, Christopher Arndt wrote:
> Am 02.06.2016 um 23:15 schrieb Yassin Philip:
>> Oh, and do you thing I can do something for the existing
>> episodes?
> If you have recorded the voice separately, you can try applying a 
> lowpass shelve filter with a cutoff around 150 - 200 Hz. If you want 
> to get fancy, you can also try a dynamic EQ.
Hmm no, the voice is mixed (by pulse) with the music ; I think existing 
episodes will stay "as is" :( but I want to get it right for the next 
ones. I'm going to try input => compressor =>deesser => reverb ; but 
about that " lowpass shelve filter with a cutoff around 150 - 200 Hz" 
business, is there a way to insert such a processing inside my realtime 
effect chain (Calf Only, ATM) ? If I follow you, this would be a Calf Eq 
5 bands, with every band off except for the far left "low shelf", 
dragged at 160Hz, and pushed down a bit, right? Now should I (gererally) 
put it in front of the compressor, or after?

Thanks a *lot* for those advices!!

> Some compression may also help to soften level bumps.
> Chris
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