[LAU] WhyPhil? A webshow about Linux Audio (and then some)

fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Fri Jun 3 14:00:45 UTC 2016

Le 03/06/2016 11:43, Yassin Philip a écrit :
> [...] I think existing episodes will stay "as is" :( but I want to get 
> it right for the next ones. I'm going to try input => compressor 
> =>deesser => reverb ; but about that " lowpass shelve filter with a 
> cutoff around 150 - 200 Hz" business, is there a way to insert such a 
> processing inside my realtime effect chain (Calf Only, ATM) ? If I 
> follow you, this would be a Calf Eq 5 bands, with every band off 
> except for the far left "low shelf", dragged at 160Hz, and pushed down 
> a bit, right? Now should I (gererally) put it in front of the 
> compressor, or after?

A "classic" chain will be mic>preamp>soundcard>Jack>DAW in>compressor>eq
As suggested early by Roger, you may want to use de-esser as explained here
but the tip on mic position is the one to follow (when you cook, if 
ingredients are bad the meal will be bad..)


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