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Yassin Philip philcm at gnu.org
Thu Jun 9 01:30:02 UTC 2016

On 08/06/16 14:18, Massimo Barbieri wrote:
> Hi,
> today we have published "The cult of John Option": our first album that
> collect all the singles published in the past few months, same new songs
> and a remix version.
> As for the previous singles the album is published under the terms of
> the Creative Commons License (CC-BY-SA) and it's completely produced
> with free software only: Ardour, Hydrogen, Jack, Qsynth, CALF, and many
> other great free audio software that we love and we used under Debian
> GNU/Linux.
That is super very cool. I find your music uplifting and punchy, and 
your attitude very generous (and your artwork & videos very polished, I 
must add) thanks!

> You can listen and download the album from Jamendo:
>   https://www.jamendo.com/album/159137/the-cult-of-john-option
> As for the previous singles we have done a little more in the direction
> of freedom and we published in our website all recording tracks
> and the complete Ardour session. All this material is published under
> the terms of the Creative Commons license Attribution Share alike so
> that anyone can use our tracks to produce a remix of our song or even a
> new song that have to be published under the same license.
> You can find the recording tracks and Ardour project for every song here:
> http://source.johnoption.org/album/the-cult-of-john-option/
> I hope that you like our choice of freedom. If you feel like I'd love
> to read your feedback, because the encouragement of the people who
> listen to us and appreciate the philosophy of our project is the only
> fuel for us to continue. And if you like to be updated about our next
> release, please subscribe to our YouTube channel or any other social
> network you like (see link to our profiles on our website[1]).
> Best regards,
> Max-B
>   1. http://johnoption.org
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