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I am working in the adtech industry and can say as a fact that all data is
anonymous. Anonymity is very seriously enforced throughout the industry
and, additionally, lack of such anonymity will be seen very quickly by huge
amounts of engineers working with user databases.

Which is exactly why I am asking Will what exactly he is afraid of. The
need to run off of LinkedIn, scrambling information about oneself, because
Microsoft buys it, shows irrational hatred for Microsoft that is probably
ideologically charged. And probably hints at all the free software alarmist
propaganda about how "corporations are controlling you", which is in the
vast majority of cases is simply misrepresentation of actual state of

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> On Wed, 15 Jun 2016 09:32:55 +0200
> Louigi Verona <louigi.verona at gmail.com> wrote:
> > What is wrong with "aggressive data mining"?
> I can say that the same concern exists for V2X applications in
> development.  There is a concern that the public will not want to have
> them tracked and identified as they drive their cars.  So great effort
> is made to design and eventually implement anonymous car communications
> with land units.  By doing so it also makes it much more difficult for
> hackers to simulate cars on the road, control cars, etc.

Louigi Verona
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