[LAU] Linkedin - Out

Will J Godfrey WillGodfrey at musically.me.uk
Wed Jun 15 13:07:21 UTC 2016

This is ridiculous!

By using the word 'fear' you are making totally invalid emotive claims.

I do not 'fear' a knife, but I would not hold one by the blade.

I do not fear dogs, but if I come across one I don't know, I treat it with
caution - especially if it is of a breed with a known aggressive history.

I do not fear any person, but when I see one behaving furtively I am on my

Get the idea?

Very large international corporations? We all come to our own conclusions.

It wasn't me! (Well actually, it probably was)

... the hard part is not dodging what life throws at you,
but trying to catch the good bits.

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