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I was not the one who started this topic. And I prefer to call out BS when
I see it. Telling me that I should stop because this is offtopic is not
very honest. It feels as if this is a way to shut down opinions that do not
agree with your ideology. It would have been more honest to refer to the
person who started this topic. Yes, it was totally OT.

I don't want to piss anybody off, but neither can I listen to this
ideological propaganda of fear, especially from people I respect.

Yes, Will, I understand that you are not "afraid", but "cautious". However,
it is also a fair use of words to say that such conspiracy theories promote

As I said, I myself work in the ad tech industry, many of my friends work
in Microsoft. If you think that these things are evil, than I am very
sorry. But you are simply misinformed. "International corporations" are not
some black boxes, they are made up of living breathing people most of whom
are honest and decent. And there is no evidence that any of the
"international corporations" are harming you in any way.

Everyday I work with user data, which comes both from our services, from
Facebook and from Google. There is no data that is personalized. And if
there would be - the whole industry will know in a matter of minutes,
because these transactions are much more transparent than you think.

On Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 3:07 PM, Will J Godfrey <WillGodfrey at musically.me.uk
> wrote:

> This is ridiculous!
> By using the word 'fear' you are making totally invalid emotive claims.
> I do not 'fear' a knife, but I would not hold one by the blade.
> I do not fear dogs, but if I come across one I don't know, I treat it with
> caution - especially if it is of a breed with a known aggressive history.
> I do not fear any person, but when I see one behaving furtively I am on my
> guard.
> Get the idea?
> Very large international corporations? We all come to our own conclusions.
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