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I understand what you are saying. I am not sure I agree - but! - this is
not to say that I disagree. I just don't have my mind made up on this
matter. I need more info and more time to think.

Question is - how much of the public control should there be? Google is a
private company. They offer their services for a fee - in return you give
up certain control of your information. It is important that this is clear
- if not, then it could be considered a lie and a breach of contract. But
if it is clear, then I do not see a problem. Nobody forces one to use
Google. Of course, in a free market situation one can find oneself in a
situation when there are no reliable services. This is especially true in
ecosystem-like services, where popularity of the service is proportional to
its quality. So this is really confusing stuff to think through.

What I believe I have a more clear position on is on a certain degree of
separation of private businesses and the government. This is where I am
sure we need tighter public control. We don't want a situation when a
private business has political power. But even here it is not always easy
to say how much of a separation should there be. Last case with FBI and
Apple shows how complicated these situations could get.

My main message is to talk about it rationally and - very important - come
up with rational solutions. Writing an email that "I scramble information
on my LinkedIn and abandon it because Microsoft bought it" is not a
rational solution to the problem. It is, at best, an ideological
pronouncement. A way to show what side of the fence you are on. But it does
not solve anything. It just restates the problem and restates it in a form
that people like myself, who would like to discuss it, have to work through
a certain layer of ridicule to get the conversation even started.

My main message is not that the problem does not exist. And I also straight
out say - I am certain my position on this problem today is still vastly
uninformed. Thus, my conclusions are very preliminary.

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> On Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 11:23:52AM +0200, Louigi Verona wrote:
> > 4. There is a big difference between government surveillance and between
> a
> > company gathering your data anonymously to show you ads.
> As far as gathering my data anonymously:
> I like to *know who* is gathering my data, and think it's *extremely*
> rude that anyone thinks it's ok to use it to spam me with advertising!
> I guess the similarity would be that they are both doing their best
> to do it anonymously. :)
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