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Louigi Verona <louigi.verona at gmail.com> wrote:

> Question is - how much of the public control should there be? Google
> is a private company. 

Simply go.  Bet on the psychology of the masses.  People in groups
behave differently.  Gustave Le Bon, 1895. For example, if you're yahoo,
ask for the cell phone number of the member.  Say it's for their good.
It will work in a worthwhile percentage.

Distance gouvernements from channels of expression which are then owned
by private companies.  Private companies take business decisions, not
political ones.  Private companies can limit expression of people, can
narrow fields of expression and this is not going against democracy
which is presumably guarded separately by governments.

Bring turmoil to countries by taking supposedly uninformed wrong
decisions then use security as cover to gather information and restrict
liberties.  Make earning a living and entertainment the top priorities 
so that only very few who have the leeway, the spare cycles, to think
and ponder on societal issues.  Keep people busy.  People should not be
intimately aware that they are living.  Always out going.  Never

On these enjoyable thoughts, I would like to close with the trailer of
a film to be made about a band I like much, whose music is now more
than 45 years in existence:


And the apt-titled piece for the context of this thread, "Zombies", live
in Utrecht, November 2015:


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