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Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Fri Jun 17 17:11:12 UTC 2016

On Fri, 17 Jun 2016, Louigi Verona wrote:

> 5. Ideological hatred and even a level of intellectual superstition that was
> demonstrated in this thread ("I will delete my account immediately from LinkedIn,
> because Microsoft announced they are buying the company" sort of stuff) certainly

Interesting choice of words. I don't think there is any sign that A = B in 
the original message. Claiming hatred on someone else's behalf is in my 
opinion somewhat rude. But perhaps there is something lost in translation.

> 6. Additionally, such position does not allow for correction of information. And

Presumption of someone else's feelings does not help much either. (if you 
happen to know some of these things by talking with the OP in private, 
please do not share that here... unless you wish to prove the OP's point)

> when someone who works in the industry, the deeds of which are of concern,
> provides information that could actually calm some of the anxiety, he is just

That is by definition slanted as the informer has a vested interest...

> So, my initial decision to reply to Will's message was not in black and white
> opposition to his views, but in an opposition to such rampant ideological
> outbursts, which, if we take them on board, will make each one us less rational
> and less equipped to deal with the situation as it really is.

How can your posts be anything less than "ideological outbursts"? Do look 
at the language you are using.

I for one, am finding this thread disturbing. The original message was 
fine, for information only. The response(s) have pretty much been over the 
top. Please just stop.

> And definitely Will is not alone in his views. Yours truly had held exactly same
> views in the past. But, provided new evidence, I have since revised them
> considerably.

What? a pay cheque? (sorry perhaps that was uncalled for, but it is the 
first thing that comes to mind... posting links from outside the 
advertizing community might have been better received)

Len Ovens

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