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Set Hallstrom public at sakrecoer.com
Sat Jun 18 10:47:26 UTC 2016

On 2016-06-17 21:55, Louigi Verona wrote:
> [snip] What is a more reasonable assumption - that they are all paid 
> and decide to just shut up or that there is really nothing fishy 
> going on?

well, as you say, there is no larger consiparacy. Yes i can install
the dev-plugs in my browser and maybe understand what is happening with
my cookies. Is this information available for all? Are we actively
working on helping the world understand the tools that runs society? I
doubt the world as come to understand it's own interest in that.
However, there is no commited crime if everyone is fine with what
happens, and as i read in quote bellow, to you it is perfectly normal to
gather most information about anyone, as long as there is no
human-readable name attached:

> [snip] Data that is custom is typically standard stuff that you can 
> see in the pdf I linked to above - gender, age, country, user 
> segments. It can also be some parameters that are used to understand 
> how likely a user is to click on an ad and how likely he is to buy 
> something or register on a website and whatnot.

For me, if this is normal, than i'm happy to wear a tinfoil hat. As I
see it, translated to the real world it would be as accepting to have an
agent coming with me when i speak in privacy with my mother just in case
i would mention what i am working on and what tools i use or what my
favourit food is. This agent would follow me into every store i visit,
taking note of things i buy to analyze what may have attracted me. Oh,
wait, that is already how credit cards operate...

> With your help, I am learning about your concerns. But I also hope
> that my experience and information can help someone else as well.

That is good, and i hope you will come in with a different angle next
time. As the thread teach us, pointing fingers and calling out "free
software alarmist propaganda" on a freesoftware-list isn't particularly
helpful. At best you create the polemic and the emotional reaction you
try to detach yourself from, at worst you lock yourself out behind that
wall of emotions keeping you from being listened to.

My point here is that in /practice/ there is no difference between a
freesoftware OS, mac or win. Mac and windows works really good for what
is it meant to do. The major difference between "them" and FLOSS is on
the ethical level. Of course this being a fundamental difference, it
affects how things work and how they are being developed, because from a
societal POV it is a disruptive difference affecting how the tools
operate on an economical level, and the economy is the direct expression
of power in the contemporary society. No matter how inclusive,
proprietary-OS-friendly, tolerant and helpful you want to be, if you
have no regards for the fundamentally political distinction this is, you
will come off as a simple detractor: these differences in how
intellectual propriety operates that are outlined by FLOSS directly
deals with how the power is distributed in our ever more
digital-societies. A factor that is vowed to attract (not only of
course) people who have had enough with how the norm is defined. And
this is what i for one read in the (perhaps clumsy) exclamations as the
one Will Godfrey formulated: Give us change!

A Bonne Entendeur,
Set Sakrecoer

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