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S D stephen.doonan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 20:02:09 UTC 2016

On Jun 22, 2016 12:02 PM, "Glen MacArthur" <info at bandshed.net> wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
> Loved it! Also very much enjoyed 'Dark Matter'.


Thank you, Glen. I had been focusing so much on this piece recently, and a
few personal things, that I hadn't yet heard your two recent Freddie King
covers. I decided to remedy that, went to your Rated:Blue SoundCloud page,
and listened to them as well as to all of the pieces from Three Walls Down?

Did you write those? They're great!

Your son Connor is an excellent, tight and inventive drummer. Your voice is
very expressive and your enunciation very clear, making the lyrics easy to
understand even during some of the more full parts of the arrangements,
which, though you are just a trio, certainly merit the description "power
trio." :-)

The recording, mixing and mastering are great as well. I wish I knew what
you know regarding that, but with just solo piano for now, my modest needs
are met by my modest knowledge of the subject.

I loved the reggae tinge to one of the pieces, and your vocal scatting with
your guitar lead on another. Connor put in a lot of few very interesting
drum licks and ideas, and I love your use of momentary silences, breaks and
prolongation of sound (like the gritty, pulsing fading guitar toward the
end of Three Walls Down, before the pice really picks up again, that
provide so much contrast and variation to the sounds and arrangements.

Even though I don't really have need for it, unless I want to do a little
"one man band" kind of stuff, I've been thinking about getting one of the
two versions of the Harrison Mixbus (which has Ardour integrated into it,
if I'm not mistaken about that) just to play with it and learn a little
about the process.

Anyway, really great music. Your audiences and fans must really love you,
and I imagine that Connor is grateful to have a dad such as you and the
shared musical adventure. :-)

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