[LAU] Piano composition - Lost Isle (& LV2 plugins)

Glen MacArthur info at bandshed.net
Thu Jun 23 02:38:50 UTC 2016

S D wrote:
> On Jun 22, 2016 6:38 PM, "Glen MacArthur" <info at bandshed.net> wrote:
>> My 'desert island' list:
>> LADSPA (...)
>> LV2 (...)
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> That's a very nice list, Glen. Thank you.
> For years I've wondered what the "Barry's Satan Maximizer" actually was or
> did.
> Thanks again for taking the time to make that list.
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One more thing... regarding Barry's Satan Maximizer

It works wonders on anything percussive (including Pianos). If you don't
mind indulging me try this and see what you think...

Take one of your piano tracks in Ardour and add the Barry's Satan
Maximizer after Pianoteq but pre-fader, BSM only has 2 controls so set the
the top one "Decay time (samples)" to 24 and then set the "Knee point
(db)" to approximately -3. See what you think, at conservative settings
like -3 it nicely adds punch without audibly killing the dynamic range.
Often for hand percussion like claves or bongos I'll set it at -9 or so
and they just leap out of the mix.

At conservative settings of -2 or -3 BSM even works magic on a whole mix
across the Master bus. Back in my Windows days I used to Master in
Steinberg's WaveLab and it had a plugin called the "Puncher" that did a
really great job of adding power to a mix before you really walloped it
with compression or limiting, BSM does the same thing... In reality it is
a crudely simple compressor itself but it has some very musical

Sorry to ramble on, but BSM is one of the best secrets of working with
Audio plugins in Linux IMHO.

OK, enough out of me for now... take care!


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