[LAU] Music: 123

jonetsu jonetsu at teksavvy.com
Thu Apr 6 15:32:41 UTC 2017


This is an improv based on some sound from the Xebra soundset by Corin
Neff for the Zebra2 synthesizer.  As I got the update a few days ago,
the first sound I played was the bass sound and the riff that I
played.  I liked the sound, so I recorded it.  Then I added a few more
synth ambient tracks.  I grabbed the guitar and played along.  This was
nice but it needed some solo instrument.  I found one in Xebra and then
found the other in another Corin Neff soundset, 'Zebra Orchestra'.
Drums and some percussion round up the improvisation. Done in Bitwig
then exported and mixed in Harrison Mixbus32C.  Then exported as stereo
track and reloaded in Mixbus32C for 'mastering'.  Titled it '123' for
lack of anything else inspiring, as this was the 123th jam.

Synth sounds used:

   ACBass+                Xebra
   Breathing Sidebands    Xebra
   Etheral Wind+          Xebra
   Sparrows and Frogs+    Xebra
   Watery Mallet+         Xebra
   Cosmic Thunder Bell+   Xebra
   RTW Slow AG Brass      Zebra Orchestra



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