[LAU] Question About jack transport

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Fri Apr 7 12:57:57 UTC 2017

Apr 7 2017, john gibby has written:

> I have Pianoteq connected to Jack, then to ecasound for dsp into 6
> channels, then back thru Jack to rme9652.  64 sample buffers.  Should I run
> ecasound in slave transport mode to make sure the pipeline runs
> efficiently, with Pianoteq supplying a new sample set in lock-step while
> the previous one is being processed by ecasound?
Hi John,
if I understand correctly: Pianoteq is running on your computer using
JACK in some LV2 host or maybe as a standalone application?

Does Pianoteq have a sequencer that you use? If you play live, It
wouldn't matter whether Ecasound in master or slave mode. If some sort
of sequencer is running in Pianoteq, then it's a question of your
workflow. What's the centre piece? If it's Ecasound, set Ecasound to
master (transport master) and Pianoteq as a transport slave.

>From my understanding of Pianoteq, setting Ecasound to transport Master
or leaving it open, is the right decision.

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