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john gibby johnalan.gibby at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 15:42:21 UTC 2017

Yes, Pianoteq is the French piano modeling program, and I am running it as
a standalone application in AVL Linux alongside ecasound and Jack. It is
for playing piano live, with low latency.  (Also I recently read about  vsi
plugin version of Pianoteq , and I'm wondering if it might be better to run
it that way; some posts say so.) I will read these responses more
carefully, but it seemed to me I want ecasound to be a Slave to the earlier
parts of the pipeline so everything runs in lockstep, processing the 64
sample buffers with maximum efficiency.  Seems advantageous to me that I'm
avoiding d/a conversion until final step b4 the amps.

On Apr 7, 2017 9:28 AM, "Jeanette C." <julien at mail.upb.de> wrote:

> Apr 7 2017, Ralf Mardorf has written:
> ...
>> To sync step sequencers/arpeggiators, delays etc. of non-Linux apps I'm
>> using "MIDI clock".
> But PianoTeq - if we're talking about the physical modelling piano
> application from the French manufacturer - is a native Linux
> application, available as an LV2 plugin or as a standalone - if I'm not
> mistaken. Just clarifying...
> ...
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