[LAU] Which jackd to install on a new system ?

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Sun Apr 16 15:12:43 UTC 2017

On Sat, 15 Apr 2017, jonetsu wrote:

> Finally installed a new system, Linux Mint 18, based on Ubuntu.  I am
> not sure therefore I ask, it seems there are two parallel versions of
> jack being developed or in the least,m there are two of them out there
> which could, or could not be candidate for installation, possibly known
> as jackd and jackd2. If there's only one, then all right.  In any case,
> which jackd should be installed on a 2017 brand new 64-bit system ?

There have been in the debian package setup (therefore in Ubuntu as well) 
a large number of packages the depend on jackd 1.9 or higher making jackd2 
the only real choice. I am not sure if this is still the case or if the 
depends have been changed to jackd2 | jackd1. So it seems to depand on 
which jackd aware packages you wish to install. The best way around this 
that I have heard is to install everything with jackd2 and then manually, 
without reference to depends, switch from one to the other (remove and 
then install).

That does not address any of the differences between the two. There are 
people who advocate very strongly for jackd1 and in fact development has 
been more active there. Jackd2 is dbus aware so it can take an audio 
device away from pulse and pulse can auto connect a pulse-jack bridge if 
so configured. A pulse-jack bridge can be connected to jackd1 as well, but 
it would have to be done manually (this can as easliy be a plus as a 

In all, as you seem to have already figured out, it is a mess and there is 
no firm answer. The easy way with any debian based distro is to just use 
jackd2 and everything will work. jackd1 can be made to work there too, but 
it takes more know how.

I am wishing for a jackd3 that makes jackd1 and 2 obsolete.

I personally use jackd2 because "thats what came in the box".

Len Ovens

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