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Crojav hendrikus.godvliet at posteo.net
Wed Apr 26 14:27:11 UTC 2017

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From: Ralf Mardorf<ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net>

>Wouldn't do it a simple instrument tuner for this purpose?


That would be great if this one was working like it show up on the screenshots. I have tried all the instrument tuners in Ubuntu Studio - Synaptic. Only the smallest GxTuner works but not easy to get in another say exact 435Hz calibration. That is also what my project need.

> But something as Voxengo Span would be fine to.
> http://www.voxengo.com/product/span/

> This seems to be no frequency counter.

Your are right, But I also need a to see harmonics and that is why I mention this one - you can easily zoom in on one particular frequency an it holds the frequency figure stable in view. Compair this with the Calf Equalizers witch can not zoom in on a specific frequency and move to much even by a singel sinus.

* Please help me on my way to learn how to response on this list?

Regards Crojav


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From: "Chris Caudle"<chris at chriscaudle.org>

On Tue, April 25, 2017 12:03 pm, Crojav wrote:

> I am looking for a "Frequency Counter"

>From your example it looks like the software you want is called a spectrum

You are right on that - I am looking for both a good Frequency counter and a good - functioning spectrum analyzer.

>Try Jack and ALSA Audio Analyzer (JAAA).

Also this one I tried, I think I tried all there is - what i could find in and out side Linux - Ubuntu Studio - Synaptic - Internet.

The JAAA is not workable - it is more ore funny to see what it show, but not any good to work with. I think this software is old fashion, and not up to date - regarding what now a day is posible with software. That is also why I came up with the Foxengo Span, this is really workable all function do what they have to do. The only thing is I can't use it under linux.

>But of course frequency and spectrum only apply to audio, MIDI by definition just sends a note number which can be mapped to an expected frequency if you assume standard tuning based on A3=440 Hz, so I am not sure what the reference to  MIDI in the original message meant.

Your right about that to. What i forgot to say was - that I also will count the frequency of the audio out of the ZynaddsubFx Synth. But there are way to measure midi data frequency. That why I asked for suggestions?

* Please help me on my way to learn how to response on this list?

Regards Crojav

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