[LAU] Music: Freetidbit and 1 year of Soundcloud

John Murphy rosegardener at freeode.co.uk
Sun Jan 1 23:06:40 UTC 2017

On Sun, 1 Jan 2017 14:03:27 -0500
jonetsu <jonetsu at teksavvy.com> wrote:

> On Sun, 1 Jan 2017 16:08:17 +0000
> John Murphy <rosegardener at freeode.co.uk> wrote:
> > > https://soundcloud.com/nominal6/freetidbit  
> > I try to favour commercial products which support Linux, so it's good
> > to see u-he virtual synthesizers in beta testing for the platform.  
> At one point in time I was considering seriously to build a Windows
> machine in order to get some of those synths and plugins that seems so
> wonderful.  By coincidence I read a reply from Dave Phillips in which
> he mentioned using a u-he synth.  I give it a try and dropped the
> Windows project in favour of getting some of these synths and plugins
> as I was thoroughly impressed by the range of expressiveness.  Quite
> often I build tracks using acoustic guitar, so I need to have sounds
> that can be subtle and detailed in their colours.

There's so much choice of great looking and sounding plugins for Windows
that it's easy to spend hundreds in no time. I bought the Arturia V
collection and easily justify it by thinking of what I would have given
for any one of the original instruments, at the time. Virtual instruments
are so much better than the originals in so many ways. But not in all ways. 

> > I've been enjoying auditioning in their Zebra2 today. Time
> > constraints stop me doing much more than that, so the fifteen minute
> > demo (until it goes out of tune) works well for me. I tried their
> > Repro yesterday. The demo for that is noisy after a few minutes. I'll
> > try the free ones as well.  
> The free u-he synths are actually quite good.  Even the weird
> TripleCheese, winner of a KVR development award, that's built on a
> series of 3 comb filters, has interesting sounds to offer.

Thanks. Installed as easily as the others, but -
> Zebralette and Beatzille are scaled down versions of Zebra2 and
> Bazille, so they basically offer the same quality.  Beatzille, which was
> produced for the German Beat magazine of same name can be downloaded
> from:
> http://www.vstplanet.com/Instruments/VST_Synthesizers38.htm#Beatzille

_wow! Haven't got further than 'Antivirus'. That one voice preset will
keep me amused until bedtime.  

> > Would be good if other commercial VST producers (I like d16 and
> > Arturia) support the Linux platform too. Rebooting to MS Windows for
> > state-of-the-art music tools hasn't been enjoyable. Wouldn't have
> > wanted to miss the d-16 LuSH101 though.  
> One synth that I discovered recently, designed by Wolfram Franke of
> Waldorf and Taiho Yamada of Alesis and M-Audio Venom, as well
> as graphic designer Kristina Childs, is Biotek. It is built on a
> sampling platform called Acktion of which there's no documentation yet
> but seems to offer manipulation of samples to a certain degree.  In any
> case the idea is about the blending of nature and technology.  I still
> have to explore that synth thoroughly. so far I find much fun in
> exploring sounds in there.  Depending on the complexities of the sound
> patch, can require more work to fit in a mix, though.
> https://www.tracktion.com/products/biotek

Should blend well. One of the videos in the link is unavailable, but I
like the idea of it, so may come back to it. Plenty to explore in just
Beatzille. Thanks again.


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