[LAU] Default (instrument plugins) tuning frequency

Will Godfrey willgodfrey at musically.me.uk
Mon Jan 2 14:49:39 UTC 2017

On Mon, 2 Jan 2017 11:31:51 +0000
Yassin Philip <philcm at gnu.org> wrote:

> On 02/01/17 11:02, Jeanette C. wrote:
> > Jan 2 2017, Yassin Philip has written:
> > ...  
> >> Is there such thing as a default tuning "norm" or (most probably) 
> >> does every plugin do what it wants to do?  
> > The default or standard tuning for typical western musical instruments
> > is at 440Hz. There are variations, when it comes to concert pitch. I
> > believe that the Americans sometimes choose 441 or 442Hz. But every
> > hardware synth - that I know of - is tuned to 440Hz with a well-tempered
> > scale.  
> That was the answer I wanted, thanks!! :)
> >
> > If your scale is well-tempered one Hertz shouldn't matter much though, 
> > unless
> > at very low frequencies.  
> Huh. I beg to differ ; specially on the high strings, my guitars and 
> bass have to be tuned accordingly. Let me rephrase that: If I get 
> everything tuned, all harmonics OK, flashing strobe lights aligning and 
> all, on this guitar, and then, on the tuner (GXTuner on the master bus) 
> change from 440 to 441, it *does* matter much. Both perceivably (it's 
> somehow worse that being plain out of tune) and visually, on the tuner's 
> display.

Any soft synth is as accurate as the timer source. I generally use the
soundcard as it's usually the most accurate.

Will J Godfrey
Say you have a poem and I have a tune.
Exchange them and we can both have a poem, a tune, and a song.

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