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On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 2:42 PM, Chris McKenzie <kristopolous at yahoo.com>

> I feel like there's different types of music production.  For instance, I
> think recording a live Jazz band is different than working with a
> soundtracker clone.
> I believe this distinction may be important because people have a broad
> set of ideas of what kind of music they'd like to do and it may be
> appropriate to divide the tools into different "camps".  The camps aren't
> mutually exclusive.
> The three camps I'm tentative thinking of are
>    1. microphone recorded
>    2. synthetically orchestrated
>    3. experimental
> To further build this rational, many times when trying music software I
> think "clearly this is a well-thought out piece of software. I just must
> not know what I'm doing. Let me toil some more" only to conclude after many
> weeks that it wasn't designed to do what I'm looking for but instead does
> something adjacent to it.  Alternatively, one could argue this was a false
> impression I hastily concluded and in fact I dismissed a potentially great
> tool because I didn't give it enough time to learn.
> Has anyone else thought about this?
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​Yup, you're 100% correct. The different modes also have great overlap. For
example, I record my sax playing on a linux box (using mic) overtop of MMA
generated MIDI tracks generated inside a linux box using timidity. Of
course, sometimes I have a real band and record that and process tracks in
the same box. And, if I could figure out how to insert software synthesis
into all this ... I probably would.


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