[LAU] [Music] Three Desolations

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Tue Jan 17 12:44:50 UTC 2017

Hey Jeanette,

On 01/16/2017 03:52 PM, Jeanette C. wrote:

> this will be purely about your music and not the way that it is
> provided. :)

Aw shucks, I was learning so much about music hosting.

> I loved some passages very much. I'm afraid my attraction to that
> slightly off-kilter composition is very selective and completely
> unreasonable. In the first section there were a few passages which
> sounded gratingly sequenced. Somehow mechanical and static. Seeing that
> this impression changed over the piece, I assume that this was done by
> design. Though especially that same section held a few passages which
> really touched a chord somewhere. :) The dark, unpretentious mood of all
> three pieces sits very well with me.

Thanks a lot, J. As a keyboardist you undoubtedly hear these things 
quite differently than I do. Above all, I'm utterly non-observant 
regarding playability, which allows the part writing to go where it 
will, i.e. with no regard for what human hands can actually play. I am 
self-consciously following the lead of Conlon Nancarrow here, or Bach in 
parts of the Kunst der Fuge. As the note on the SC site states, it's 
"sequenced music for a virtual piano", which is to say it's two steps 
removed from reality. Somewhat like myself.

FWIW, I like Desolation #3 the best, but the longer second Desolation 
introduces a number of interesting composition details, things I'll 
likely use in more original work.

> Thank you for sharing!

As always, thank you for listening. Your ears are appreciated. :)

> Best wishes,
> Jeanette

Best regards,


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