[LAU] using Jack an interface to ecasound

Bill Purvis bill at billp.org
Thu Jan 19 17:15:58 UTC 2017

On 19/01/17 03:10, john gibby wrote:
> I'm making progress.  I believe I actually have jack2, with "legacy 
> server jackd" included along with it.  I have successfully used the 
> jack2 admin commands to start/stop and configure jack, to 128 samples, 
> n=3, my alsa device, etc.  I tried to set priority to 20 but since I 
> can't remember my admin password, no go on that.  Pianoteq finally 
> sees 128 buffer size instead of 1024, and I can hear my piano on one 
> of my speakers. Maybe if I could set the priority down to 20, I could 
> use 64 sample buffer.  I see 8 playback channels in qjackctl, which I 
> think is correct for my ALC1150 device. I still have some problems but 
> am a ways down the road now...  Thanks!
> But, I'm still a little unclear on what order to start things up in.  
> For now, I'm only worried about jack2, qjackctl and pianoteq; ecasound 
> will come later.  If I don't start things up in the right order, it 
> seems, I cannot use qjackctl to make the connections (it ignores my 
> clicks).  Suppose I set up a patchbay profile (once I manage to get 
> the connections made again).  Is this the right order to quickly bring 
> it all back up later:
> 1. run the commands that start jackdbus
> 2. start pianoteq
> 3. bring up qjackctl (will my saved profile then be activated, 
> connecting pianoteq to jack according to the profile connections?)
> Thanks again,
> John
Hi John,
I have had still to fathom out how to get things just the way I want 
them automatically.
After booting up, I start QjackCtl which seems to start Jackdbus quite 
happily. I then
start and stop various things, and then configure the connections with 

I had some problems when I plugged in a keyboard, as it didn't appear to 
Jack, but then
I was advised to run a2j (alsa-to-jack) which makes a connection between 
the keyboard and
Jack, then I can connect that to my sequencer program (home-grown.)

This list is a great asset for us. Lots of knowledgeable folks around 
who are willing
to offer advice. Thanks folks!!


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