[LAU] Ground loop noise problem using MSI H-97 Gaming 3 motherboard, SeaSonic SSR‑360GP 360W power supply.

john gibby johnalan.gibby at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 03:22:26 UTC 2017


I have always had this problem with a little ground loop hiss, which I
think I've traced down to the small current from the Power supply, used to
keep the motherboard turned on.  If I plug my amplifiers in without their
ground plug (not a good idea, I know), I can get rid of almost all of it.
I may go to a 6 d/a channel USB audio interface to get rid of it, but I
wonder if anybody knows other things I can do; I wonder if it's just the
design of this motherboard, or perhaps of this power supply.  If I knew for
sure that some other motherboard would not have this problem at all, I
might upgrade to it.  After a lot of testing, I am sure that there's a
spurious signal included on the analog signals coming out of my computer's
built-in sound card or PCIE card, that is trying to get to ground and
causing the problem.  Using a higher quality (2-channel) PCIE sound card
reduced it a good bit, but not entirely.  I need 6 channels currently
(doing DSP in Linux), so I went back to using the on-board analog outputs,
and the noise is there, louder, again.  Any ideas or education for me?
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