[LAU] Arch Wiki Professional_audio

Robert Edge thumbknucklerocks at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 15:57:27 UTC 2017

I just noticed this on that wiki page:

" ...a worst case latency of up to 10ms (time between the moment an
interrupt occurs in hardware, and the moment the corresponding
interrupt-thread gets running)"

The useful number I need when I talk about the latency of a digital audio
device (as a user of that device in a setting where such things matter) is
the time between when the sound goes in to the device and when it comes
back out.

That's not the same thing as the author of this wiki page is talking
about.  If the thread doesn't even wake up for 10ms it would have to do the
processing and then deliver the output to the sound card for the next
interrupt (or the one after that, or worse).

So I'm not ever sure what is being claimed in the introductory sentence.
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