[LAU] AVB on linux: drivers?

Len Ovens len at ovenwerks.net
Mon May 15 00:49:13 UTC 2017

On Sat, 13 May 2017, Bearcat Şándor wrote:

> With regards to Moshe Werner's post on the Motu 1248 working on Linux, it seems
> that AVB (AES67) works on Linux as well.  This is a dream come frue for me.

AVB is not AES67 (as someone already pointed out). I don't know everything 
about either one... but the first thing about both is that they are a 
collection of standards many of which we already have. The second thing is 
that to make good use of AVB requires the right ethernet card as well. It 
is possible to use AVB to transfer between two linux computers (jack to 
jack) but requires manual setup to get it going. I don't know how well 
setting up AVB end device to linux is supported. It is possible to use 
Linux to connect two AVB boxes. (that is control connections that do not 
go through the linux box) There is a commandline utility for that.

There is nothing from AVB to alsa at this time I am aware of.

The AVB port on the MOTU AVB series is useful in linux for controlling the 
internal routing and for expanding what the Linux box can see through the 
USB port.

Most network audio in Linux (and windows and MacOS for that matter) is 
done by getting a "Sound card" that looks to the OS like an ordinary audio 
interface, but connects to network audio boxes. MacOS does have direct to 
AVB built in in some models but there are limits.

Len Ovens

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