[LAU] Motu 1248 - Full success

Moshe Werner moshwe at gmail.com
Mon May 15 17:27:10 UTC 2017

On May 15, 2017 19:13, "Fernando Lopez-Lezcano" <nando at ccrma.stanford.edu>

On 05/15/2017 01:56 AM, Moshe Werner wrote:

>         Could you elaborate on the connection scheme of your setup? Are the
>         different Motu boxes connected via the AVB switches?
>     The Motu boxes are connected through a Motu AVB switch and AVB
>     streams. As I do not have OpenAVB working (yet), the connections to
>     and from Linux are done through USB2. In all cases the main control
>     machine is connected to a 16A and auxiliary computers through the
>     24ai (because of AVB stream count). Everything else connects through
>     the internal routing matrix and AVB streams, very flexible. All
>     devices slave to one over AVB. Input and output not to the computer
>     are handled through analog and/or ADAT I/O.

>     So far so good... hopefully I will not run into any pitfalls :-)
> So the computer is connected to the switch too i guess? Or how do you
> control the routing?

I'm also connecting the computer to the switch to be able to control the
routing matrix, actually I'm connected to one of the AVB enabled ports. The
computer has an i210 Intel ethernet adapter that is AVB compatible although
I'm not running AVB on it yet (hopefully at some point in the future I will
be able to do away with the USB connection).

-- Fernando

Amen to that!
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